VIDEO: How to Buy a Generator

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To buy or not to buy a generator is a dilemma of Shakespearean proportions. (See what I did there?)

For many of us, a good old fashioned genset is the easiest route to reliable electricity at the campsite. A generator is actually an incredibly useful device, whether you are camping, or at home. We use ours in the backyard (for certain electric tools) and in our well ventilated garage during a power outage.

Got questions about buying an RV generator? We know you do, because you send ’em to us on a regular basis. We’ve tried to answer your questions over the years, but we’ve done so in piecemeal fashion.

So we’ve launched a new site that hopefully will contain some answers. It will be handy to have a single central location for all generator content.

We’re loading up the site with our generator content, and whenever we find new generator info it will go there.


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