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“So, what makes an RV worth $2 million?”

Funny you should ask.

We toured the Marathon Coach factory in Oregon where they build Prevost conversions. These buses are built in extremely small production numbers – only 70 are made each year. Loaded with residential-class materials, they weigh over 52,000 pounds (by comparison, our unloaded Airstream weighs about 7000 pounds). Their diesel engines are reputed to handle one million miles before they need major servicing. The Prevost bus shells themselves are built to withstand more than a decade of heavy, daily use.

So the next logical question is, “Who buys a $2 million RV?” Other than the Saudi Royal Family, the answer usually runs to corporations. Race car drivers like Danica Patrick and Michael Andretti have one. So do movie stars like Vince Vaughn and Tom Cruise. Or to be more accurate, their respective companies own one. The companies buy the RV, and its depreciation becomes a corporate tax write-off. Eventually they resell it. I suspect that once you do ALL the math, it ends up like financing one’s own hotel room (albeit a Ritz Carlton, not a Motel 6).

Of course, some wealthy individuals “with more money than time” make Marathon Prevosts their RV of choice. To these folks, I merely tip my hat and say, “More power to ya.”

Everyone at Marathon was really great – friendly, informative, and down-to-earth. The fit and finish of these buses is immaculate and reeks of quality. The chosen materials are truly the best of the best. If you are in the market for a $2 million RV, look no further!

If, however, you simply want to create smiles and have fun, consider restoring a vintage Airstream instead. You’ll turn more heads, and save at least $1.95 million in the process.

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