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‘Tis said that “the journey is the destination.” But what does that mean? For our Long Long Honeymoon, it illustrates a key upside to RV travel vis-a-vis the old fly-and-rent route.

When you fly somewhere, the airport is invariably a hectic and stressful experience that’s as enjoyable as the average root canal. You must arrive at the airport early, sometimes two hours in advance of your flight. You must check your bags, probably ponying up an extra pint of blood for each extra bag. You must go through security screening, removing your shoes and unpacking your electronics before turning your head and coughing. Finally you’re squeezed onto a flying petri dish, where you’re exposed to an airborne bacterial soup courtesy of fellow passengers. Flying is just not terribly glamorous any more.

But when we travel with our Airstream, we take our time. We have general goals with regard to location and dates, but nothing is set in stone. Flexibility is paramount. Tired? We pull over and rest. Hungry? We stop and eat. The point being that we actually enjoy the process of traveling from point A to point B. Sure, we’ve hit the occasional traffic jam (Miami, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. come to mind) but overall the experience has been grand. As of this writing, we’ve traveled almost 40,000 miles in this fashion.

“Don’t you get tired of driving?” I’m often asked. Not at all, because I really don’t spend that much time driving. Because we travel at a glacial pace, each day’s driving is a small (and very enjoyable) percentage of time. I generally relish time behind the wheel as we take in the sights of whatever community we happen to be visiting.

We’re fortunate in that we can work from our RV via its mobile Internet connection. It doesn’t matter where we’re parked, so long as we have a cellular signal, we’ve got Internet. So our Long Long Honeymoon road trips usually last weeks, sometimes months. When we go on the road, we do so with the luxury of time. If the journey is the destination, in this case it’s a pleasant one!

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