VIDEO: RVIA? We’ve Been There

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Recently we hauled our Airstream to RVIA, the annual industry convention in Louisville, Kentucky.

We found ourselves “camping” in freezing weather upon an enormous slab of asphalt. Oddly, this is much more fun than it sounds. I’m happy to report that Airstreams are quite comfortable in sub-freezing weather, provided one’s heat furnace is working properly. There’s something elemental and satisfying about establishing a cozy, warm outpost on the frozen tundra. Fleece blankets never felt so good!

As for RVIA itself, it’s a trade show. If you are interested in the RV trade, it’s a fun show. Most manufacturers are on hand to showcase their latest wares. So in addition to schmoozing with some nice people, we did a fair amount of window shopping. You see everything at RVIA – RVs of every stripe, the latest floorplans, fabrics, and new technology.

The most memorable Airstream product was the new International Serenity line. It contains many Asian-influenced design elements. In other words, it feels a little like a Japanese apartment with faux-bamboo cabinetry and Asian decor. Just add Buddha and you’re ready to go.

This was our first RVIA. We were told that attendance was down this year. That’s not surprising, considering that RV companies have been subjected to an economic version of the Bataan Death March. When compared to last year, the size of the show was reduced by one-third.

But there was an element of optimism in the air. They say that business is finally turning around. Sales and orders are up. Although many good companies have fallen, the strong continue to survive. And Airstream is actually doing very well!

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