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Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink ;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Rime of the Ancient RVer Mariner

Water — it does a body good.

For the moment, our Long Long Honeymoon is veering into edumacational territory. It strikes me that the gigantic edumacational elephant in the corner is made of water.

So I’m putting together an extensive video discussion of RV water management. This is the first bit of the first bit (hence the “Part 1, Part 1″ designation). FRESH WATER! How much is there to say about water? So much that I can only fit a tiny fraction of it into this video. And it’s probably already too long for the average ferret on amphetaminesInternet surfer’s attention span.

Many of you more experienced RV campers will have long since mastered the nuances of water management. But for newbies, water management skills are a must! (Why does this sound like a job description?)

I’ll never forget the first time Kristy and I took our Airstream out camping. I couldn’t believe how quickly we drained our fresh water tank, and heard the telltale gurgle of a full grey water tank. (“Noooooo! NOT the gurgle!”)

When you are dry camping (camping without any water hookups), you have to become a water miser. You must learn how to shower using no more water than fills the average cola can. But more on those skills in a future video.

For many of you, this discussion of fresh water will be old hat. But many visitors to Long Long Honeymoon are newcomers to Airstreaming and RV camping. Wise ones, camping is kind of like American history. It never hurts to review what you’ve learned.

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