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Yesterday we had a fine visit with the folks at Ruta|Sur (Road South), an RV rental house here in Buenos Aires. They are a young, growing company and their office has an upbeat spirit of enthusiasm. We learned a great deal about RVing in Argentina. Here are some notes from our visit.

The RV industry itself is a young business here in Argentina. It’s only been around for about ten years! Ruta|Sur itself has been in business almost five years. During that time, its rental company has grown from one used motorhome to 20 different (and mostly new) motorhomes.

Since the business is still getting started in Argentina, there are no RV dealerships here. None. Nada. Zilch. So all motorhomes are custom built jobs. As you might imagine, this has made parts and maintenance an ongoing concern.

Most of the rigs are a good bit smaller than what we use in the States. What Argentines call “motorhomes” we would call Class-B camper vans. The smaller size makes for easier maneuverability on narrow and rough roads.

Ruta|Sur not only rents the RVs, they also provide ongoing support services for their clients. If you rent an RV from Ruta|Sur, you can always call their office for travel advice and help. If anything goes wrong with the RV, you can just call the home office. They are always there for you in case of emergency, or if you just want helpful suggestions with regard to the best places to go.

They also offer optional cellphones and GPS units. As a foreign traveler who doesn’t speak the language, this would provide me with much greater peace of mind.

What about Argentinian campgrounds? Here’s where it gets interesting. While there are organized campgrounds, apparently it’s perfectly fine to park your RV ANYWHERE. See a nice spot with a lovely view? Just park, and that’s your campsite. Argentina is boondocking heaven.

What about dump stations? Here’s where it gets weird, at least coming from an American perspective. You can basically dump dirty water anywhere. They recommend that you use a ditch, but I’m afraid that “dump stations” are few and far between. This should be interesting…


Our second video in this Argentina series may not be posted until next week. We’ve shot a lot of material, and it does it a slight injustice to edit too quickly.

Today we’re actually climbing aboard a Ruta|Sur motorhome and going camping! Stay tuned for updates, when we get a chance (and a wifi signal).

In the meantime, you can check out Ruta|Sur’s website here:

Ruta|Sur – Motorhome Rentals in Argentina

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