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Last week I gave blood to my doctor for testing. This was my first checkup “post-medication.” I now have two months worth of medicine in my system that is targeting my brain tumor. Well, yesterday I got the test results.

It’s mostly very good! The most exciting development is that my prolactin level has dropped enormously — from 250 to 12.5. (Basically, anything above 15 is considered excessive.) This means the medicine is working! In fact, it’s working better than anyone could have predicted. My tumor secretes excess prolactin, but it has been kept in check by the medicine.

This past week has been my best week of the year — perhaps my best week in years. It’s kind of like I’ve been walking around with a 50-pound weight strapped to my back, and someone has finally removed that weight. I’ve got more energy and feel more like my old healthy self.

The main “not so good news” concerns some of my other hormone levels. Although my prolactin is back to normal range, some of my other hormones are not. So I’m going to get a few shots and see if they return more to normal.

I’m certainly not out of the woods yet, but I’m feeling so much better that we are cleared for travel! So we’re going to attempt a journey very soon. Stay tuned for updates! And THANKS AGAIN for your kind message, thoughts, and prayers. They have been received and appreciated.

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