VIDEO: Can you top a TARANTULA?

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Wild animals. We love ‘em – at least when they’re not trying to eat us.

Certainly one of the reasons we camp, whether we realize it or not, is to get closer to animals.

My favorite wild animal encounter from a filmmaking perspective is well documented in that beloved heart-warming American classic, The Goat Incident. Rocky mountain goats are always good filmmaking fodder.

My least favorite animal encounter were the ants in Malibu. Not only did that snobby campground cost $100 a night, it was jam packed with ants. The staff garners the inglorious recognition of being the rudest we’ve encountered in North America. Maybe all those ants put everyone in a bad mood?

What about bears, you ask? We’ve seen our share of bears (black and brown) in Yellowstone, Glacier, and Waterton parks. Seeing a bear is always a thrill, especially when you survive.

We’ve seen sea lions in Oregon, seals in Northern California, dolphins in Florida, moose in Wyoming, and lounge lizards in Los Angeles.

But for our “wildest” animal encounter, I’m pointing to the road-crossing tarantula in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Think about it. When have you seen a TARANTULA in the wild? For me, this was a new one. And yet — there it was, crossing the road.

What about you?

Have you had any interesting wild animal encounters?

Can you top a tarantula?

Let’s hear it!

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