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When we first got our Airstream, it was in “bone stock” factory condition, if you know what I mean. The interior and exterior were exactly as they were when the trailer rolled out of the factory in Jackson Center, Ohio.

Over the years, we’ve made many changes to our beloved silver spaceship – from a new floor, to new paint, to larger and better wheels. Yes, there have been many MAJOR changes which have enhanced the travel experience.

But what about the small changes? Arguably, some of these “hacks,” or small problem-solving modifications, have enhanced the travel experience just as much as the big ticket items.

This video contains a little chat about a variety of small changes we’ve made to our Airstream. All of these little hacks really make a huge difference.

I know that many of you experienced RV travelers may shrug at this video… and that’s fine. While some of these hacks are obvious in hindsight, it took us a while to figure all of these out. We traveled for years without adding these items to our trailer.

So if you are a newcomer to RV camping, maybe these will save you some time, and give you a few ideas you might not have considered.