*VIDEO: Snowy Camping in the Grand Tetons

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People often ask us to name our favorite places to camp. One of the first we always mention is Grand Teton National Park (which sits in Wyoming just south of its big brother Yellowstone). We’ve enjoyed some special experiences here. It’s a part of North America that still feels a bit raw, in all the right ways.

Our favorite campground in our favorite place is called Gros Ventre (that’s French for “Big Belly”). This campground is an older one, designed many decades ago before the era of big rig RVs. Amenities are scarce. Forget about swimming pools, water slides, and mini-golf. Campground store? Nope. In fact, there are no RV hookups whatsoever – no water, power, or sewer. There is one dump station with a fresh water spigot. There are also a few simple bathrooms scattered throughout the premises, but they lack showers (not to mention heating, no minor consideration as the weather turns cool!).


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