VIDEO: Trailer Aid!

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When things go wrong, the adventure begins. That’s why you carry seemingly mundane items like a Trailer Aid ramp. Yes, it’s a bright yellow chunk of Made in China plastic. You don’t buy a Trailer Aid because it’s a fun sexy purchase. But every time you need it, you’ll be happy you have it.

When we embarked on our 14,000-mile road trip to Alaska, our “adventure” began almost immediately. It felt like an exercise in Murphy’s Law. Everything was going wrong. It was undoubtedly the worst start we’d ever experienced on any Airstream trip.

We departed our Deep South home in the midst of a punishing summer heat wave. Outside temperatures were exceeding 110 degrees. Naturally, the air-conditioning unit in our Airstream failed. At night the outside temperatures dipped all the way down into the mid-90s, and it wasn’t much different inside our aluminum shelter. Ever tried sleeping inside a steam sauna? As the poet Snoop Dogg once wrote (presumably in reference to air-conditioning), “it ain’t no fun… if the homies can’t get none.”