PHOTOS: Update from Alaska

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Greetings from Alaska! Yep – we made it. As of this posting, we are now IN ALASKA shooting our feature length documentary film about this trip. As of this writing, we’ve logged more than 5000 miles on SEEMORE’s trip meter. I’m committing financial harakiri one diesel fill-up at a time.

The trip here was a marathon. We took almost exactly one month (four weeks) getting to Alaska. We departed home in Alabama on a Saturday, and arrived at the Alaska border four weeks later on a Friday.

It was a month in motion. We never stayed in the same place more than two nights. We rarely even bothered to unhitch our rig.

The upshot of our travel approach? Relatively easy driving days. We rarely pushed ourselves to drive long distances. (After you do this sort of travel for a while, 200 miles is a mere sprint.)

As suspected, it began to really get interesting after the first few days (which were a slog just getting to the fun stuff). We had a couple of glitches along the way (A/C failure in Missouri, tire blowout in Nebraska, water tank leakage in the Yukon) all of which have been duly recorded on video. We intend to edit the film this autumn.

Personally, I loved our time in British Columbia and the Yukon. Once you get past the occasionally 3rd world road quality of the Alaska Highway (and the insanely high prices in Canada, which are for some reason routinely 30% or more higher than in the USA – sorry, my Canadian friends), the drive is drop dead gorgeous. In fact, I would label the Yukon as some of the prettiest camping we’ve done. It’s also loaded with wildlife such as moose and grizzly bears. And mosquitoes that are much more vicious than the former.

Anyway, this note is to confirm that we are alive, well, and exploring Alaska. Here are a few pics from the journey so far.