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“We want more travelogues!” the people said. Or at least some people said.

And so, we have delivered. In the grand tradition of Long Long Honeymoon’s “Golden Era,” we offer you a brief tour of the Big Easy. This video is basically an introduction to New Orleans with an emphasis on Mardi Gras. It covers a lot, but it doesn’t come close to covering ALL of New Orleans. Someday we will return and film a “Part 2” that touches upon places we missed in this vid.

As promised in the video, here is Kristy’s article listing several places to visit.


By Kristy Michael

Nouvelle-Orléans, Nawlins, NOLA, The Big Easy, The Crescent City….New Orleans. Whatever you call it, it’s a city unlike any other.

A brief history of New Orleans will help you understand the strong French influence that is still evident today. Read More