*VIDEO: Airstream Camping IN GERMANY

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We recently returned from an extended European and North African walkabout. For this trip, we left the Airstream and most of our worldly possessions at home. We brought only a couple of backpacks as our principal luggage. I also brought a day pack that contained extra camera gear. (It’s the camera gear that really weighs me down.)

When we departed the United States, we didn’t have a firm plan with regards to itinerary. We simply knew we would fly into Madrid, and travel on from there.

Over the course of three months, we visited Spain (Madrid, Seville, Granada, Barcelona), Portugal (the southern coast including Pria De Luz, Lagos, Lisbon), Morocco (Marrakesh and the Sahara Desert), France (Lyon, Paris), and Germany (Limburg). We also spent time in Belgium (Brussels, briefly) and England (London) before returning to North America on the Queen Mary 2.

Or as Kristy summed it up in a status update: 12 weeks, 7 countries, 15 cities, 9 train trips, 3 intercontinental flights, 1 transatlantic crossing, 1 rental car, 1 minibus, 2 camels, 12 hotels, 3 apartments, 2 sleeper cars, 2 Riads, 1 airstream, 1 tent, 1 ocean liner stateroom and 1 friend’s spare bedroom. Not to mention countless forms of public transport, including taxis, buses, cable cars, metros, tubes and subways.

Or as Bilbo Baggins wrote is his compelling memoir: There, and Back Again

It’s hard to easily sum up a trip such as this one in a few words.

Similarly, doing a worthwhile video would be an epic challenge.

Instead, we’ve decided to first focus on one particular part of the experience – the Airstream part, of course!