*VIDEO: An Interview with… Us?!

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An RV is a product. Camping is an activity. But RV camping? It’s a lifestyle.

For us, it’s an ongoing process. There’s always something new to learn.

We are avid travelers. From the outset, we approached our Airstream purchase as a fun alternative means of traveling the United States. We’d done the roadtrip before. We’d gone camping before. Our Airstream takes both to the next level, and then some.

More than most methods of travel, RV camping entails a massive learning curve. There’s just a lot to digest – and later to dump at the dump station (terrible joke, sorry folks!).

In the beginning, we were just happy to have our rig hold together as we moved from point A to point B. If we could park it without suffering major structural damage, we were pleased.

Over time we’ve learned the nuances, the thousand tiny details that make life go a little more smoothly. For example, make certain that both ends of the sewer hose are connected before opening the drain valve. (Yet another dump station reference – sorry folks!) Read More