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After owning our Ford F250 6.0L diesel (nicknamed “SEEMORE”) for 10 years, it was time. We had to do something. While still a solid performer once warm, on a cold morning SEEMORE sounded like a 1960 Bluebird school bus being crushed by a garbage compactor. The truck’s daily engine warmup was long enough to read a Dostoyevsky novel. We needed to either perform major surgery to bring our beloved diesel steed back from the brink, or – heaven forbid – send our old friend out to pasture and move on to a new towing beast.

As you now know, we decided to invest in the truck we already own. We brought SEEMORE back from the brink of smelly diesel despair. In this article I’d like to consider exactly why we decided to get our truck “bulletproofed.”

Let’s start out with a quick list of the work we had performed at Bullet Proof Diesel. SEEMORE got a “Level 3” bulletproofing and then some. Read More