*PHOTOS: iPhoneography

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Here are a few favorite photos snapped with my iPhone 4, with a focus upon the American West. It’s been said that the iPhone is the most powerful camera ever made, except for the image quality. Granted, the iPhone may have a tiny sensor, but that sensor is connected to a supercomputer. “They” say an iPhone 4 has more processing power than what NASA utilized during the 1969 lunar landing — who am I to argue?

A lot of people use iPhone apps to heavily edit photos (applying various filters and effects), but most pics on this page are straight off the camera. There’s something to be said for these relatively untouched (or at least lightly retouched) photos. When Mother Nature serves up a steaming platter of jaw-dropping beauty for dinner, who am I to dump on a pile of salt & pepper? The sunflower photo in particular is a favorite of mine – it’s exactly as captured by the sensor.


Next stop: iPhoneography!

A common question to ask is “What camera do you use?”

These photos are evidence that it often doesn’t matter. We’re all toting around powerful cameras (and camcorders) in our pockets.

Want to know the BEST camera? The one you have with you.