How to Buy an Airstream

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Can you guess the really cool thing about Airstreams and vintage trailers?

It’s not the history.

It’s not the aluminum.

It’s not even the pink flamingos.

It’s the people.

Sure, we love Airstreams. Others love vintage campers of other brands.

Because the products are so unique and eclectic, they tend to attract passionate people.

One of the most memorable we’ve met is Tim Heintz of Heintz Vintage Trailer Restoration in Panama City, Florida. By his own estimate, Heintz spends the majority of his waking hours working on and dealing with vintage trailers.

So what does he do to relax? He goes camping, of course – in one of his own vintage trailers.

Heintz has not one vintage trailer, but several. He collects vintage trailers. At last count I believe he had around ten of his own.

This is the kind of person you want working on your trailer. He’s not just a restoration expert; he is an enthusiast.

We were delighted to spend some time with Tim Heintz, and are grateful he shared his knowledge and experience with us for this video.