COMING SOON: “Hello, Blog” on DVD!

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Hello, blog!

Yes, I’m aware that’s a strange way to address one’s blog. But is it really any more bizarre than Good Morning America? And does anyone remember that old McLean Stevenson sit-com called Hello, Larry?

Not the catchiest TV jingle, but hey — at least they HAD a jingle. I’d love to have a jingle. But I digress…

Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. For the past few weeks, I’ve been submerged in my home studio (aka “the man cave”) working on a special project. Yes, at long last, we’re putting ALL of our website video content on DVD. Everything but the kitchen sink, which is probably for the best since kitchen sinks are little more than bacterial havens.

But wait — ALL is not all! In addition to the blog videos you’ve come to know and love, we’re adding ADDITIONAL never-before-seen (or heard) content. Not only will you get the contents of our blog in full DVD glory, but we’re including new audio commentary soundtracks that are loaded with new information. We’re also adding fresh video where appropriate.

Overall, the DVD series will offer the best way to see all of our videos in one place. We hope that you not only find them entertaining, but also informative. The commentary soundtracks are a lot of fun, and deliver a fresh new perspective on our travels. It’s also quite stisfying to once and for all not be forced to DOWNLOAD anything. Just press “play” and the video plays. Ahhhhhhhh, that’s nice.

We’ll blog more about the DVD project as the launch date draws near. But for now, I just wanted to reassure you that (1) I’m not dead, and (2) we WILL be back on the road soon, visiting the remainder of the lower 48 states, cameras in hand.

Until next time… happy camping!

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