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My uninhibited lust for gloves is well documented. It is a personal addiction. I can wear a different pair of gloves every day, and not repeat myself for at least three years.

My favorite pair of outdoor gloves are Head Digital Sport Running Gloves ( Don’t be fooled by the “running” moniker. These are excellent everyday gloves that are useful around an RV campsite, or any other place where you might be using your hands. (Except the shower – they aren’t much good in the shower.)

These gloves are warm but not too thick. They allow great flexibility and even work with smartphones and iPads! (CLICK THE PIC for more info.)

These gloves are warm but not too thick. They allow great flexibility and even work with smartphones and iPads! (CLICK THE PIC for more info.)

Although these are labeled “running” gloves, no running is required to enjoy them.

The versatility of these gloves is what makes them so great.

They are thick enough to provide warmth in winter weather, yet thin enough to allow flexibility.

I enjoy wearing them on cool winter days, but they work well on cool autumn and spring days too.

These Head running gloves are constructed of durable, stretchy fabric with an extended cuff design that offers ample wrist coverage.

The palm and fingers of the gloves are lined with grippy rubber bits that deliver helpful traction for grabbing and gripping objects. This helps make the gloves useful when completing a variety of outdoor tasks.

Many outdoor gloves are just too bulky and cumbersome for frequent wear. But these Head running gloves are slender an sleek. I can wear these gloves, for example, when handling digital SLR cameras. Due to their excellent tactile sensitivity, pushing buttons and turning control knobs is no problem.

VISUAL PROOF - they work with iPads!

VISUAL PROOF - they work with iPads! (Click the pic for more info.)

The thumb and forefinger are what bring these gloves into the digital arena. The tips are Sensatec touch screen compatible. This means that you can easily use these gloves with smartphones and iPads, for example. This is no minor convenience.

Finally, the Head gloves even include an integrated locking clasp that secures the two gloves together when not in use. This means that it’s much less likely you’ll ever drop and lose a solo glove.

While there aren’t really any downsides to these gloves, I might not use them for harsh outdoor activities like chopping wood. They are great for exercise and general purposes, but for excessively demanding tasks I’d go for a thick pair of leather gloves.

I like these Head Running Gloves so much that I’ve bought three pair. Maybe someday I’ll even go running in them.

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