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For the past several days, we have been in Negril, Jamaica attending a destination wedding. We stayed at an all inclusive resort. It’s kind of like a cruise that doesn’t cruise. In other words, you pay one (slightly exorbitant!) price, and that’s it. At the resort, all food, drink, and activities are covered. Even tips are included. You never need to sign any receipts, or even show a room key. Your stress level melts away once you settle into the “all inclusive” mindset.

Here's one of our favorite spots in Jamaica!

Sadly, our all inclusive resort did not “include” wifi. So we’ve been off the Internet for the longest stretch of time in more than a decade. While at first I suffered a few withdrawal symptoms, it was probably a blessing in disguise. We felt a little more removed from the outside world.

Although our Long Long Honeymoon website is dedicated to RV travel, how about some island globetrotting pics?

Air travel’s got nothing on RV travel. The airport experience has steadily declined in glamor and enjoyment over the years. How can I phrase it delicately? Oh yeah… IT SUCKS. Although we live less than three hours from Jamaica by plane, the total process of getting to Negril takes more than 10 hours! This is the travel time once you consider travel to the airport, check in, one connection stop, a change of planes, multiple security checkpoints, x-rays and body cavity searches, baggage collection, customs, and a steamy, bumpy 90-minute bus ride to the resort. WHEW.

Ai the airport, soaking up a few final drops of Internet access.

Our flight departed at 6:30 AM. Do the math: we started our day at around 4AM! We caught sunrise from above the clouds. We were struggling from a severe case of Not Enough Sleep.
But once you finally reach the resort, it’s really nice. You’ve got 4 and 5-star dining experiences pretty much anytime you want. Typical breakfast: gravlax with croissant, cream cheese, capers, onions, tomatoes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and just for fun, some French toast too. A distinct upgrade over my usual lonely cup of coffee! Sheer civilized decadence. When you finish your meal, you just stand up and go — no paperwork to sign.


The waters in Jamaica are incredibly warm — warmer than the swimming pool. At our resort, they were also calm. The bay was dotted with fishermen, wave runners, and privately owned boats.


The resort staff did a wonderful job tending to the property. The sand was soft and the beaches were raked daily.


Beach chairs at the ready! No reservations required, mon — just pick where you want to sit. Grab a fruity drink and you’re all set. Our room was located in those small yellow buildings on the right.

This is one of the main swimming pool areas in our resort. If you look closely, you can see bar stools in the water around the central bar area. The swimming pool bar was fantastic!


I must admit, it’s pretty fabulous to swim up to the bar for a “free” drink. Our favorite new drink was a hummingbird, which tastes like an alcoholic smoothie. It’s got a real banana in it, so I’m sure it’s, um, healthy.


We love to snorkel, and snorkeling was an “included” activity at our resort.


Kristy, the brave snorkeler!




Here’s a glimpse of what we were seeing under the sea. We saw fish, stingrays, sea slugs, sea urchins…

…coral (or is it some sort of disembodied alien brain?)…

…and the occasional starfish!
When you go to Jamaica you spend a lot of time underwater. I only surfaced for gulps of air and fruity drinks.


Am I the only person who takes photos of food? This was an entree of Jamaican jerk chicken. It’s basically a grilled chicken served with a spicy Jamaican sauce. As you can see, the resort did a nice job with food presentation.


Kristy seems to be enjoying her dinner. Wine is also “included” so long as you stick to the perfectly fine house brands.

We did venture off the resort. This photo was taken at Rick’s Cafe, a famous local hot spot. Rick’s offers fantastic views of the sunset, and ongoing entertainment as amateurs and pros engage in cliff diving. This poor girl must’ve been drunk, or working on a book titled “How NOT to Cliff Dive.” She did a 40-foot “dive” in an almost horizontal position. The loud “POP!” sound when she hit the water elicited groans from the audience. Although it’s treated as casual entertainment, cliff diving is actually quite dangerous and plenty of tourists have been injured. Some call this place “Risk Cafe“…

We also had a few fruity drinks outside the resort. Here’s a drink of planters punch at Ricks. They say this stuff is “a way of life” in Jamaica. Yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum…


When we first started documenting our travels online (before we bought our Airstream), we were focused on international travel. We may someday launch a sister site to Long Long Honeymoon that explores this side of things. Or we’ll just create an “international” category right here.

Sure, this “all inclusive” stuff is over-the-top indulgent. Most of our travel has been of a much more modest, budget conscious variety. Ask Kristy about that one-star hotel in Milan, Italy with a shower so dirty she refused to set foot in it! Someday I’ll tell you about the hostel in Krakow, Poland, I departed due to fleas. And the first time we camped, we didn’t have an Airstream — we had a $35 tent from Walmart!

The point is that travel is rewarding, whether you are experiencing a flea-infested Polish hostel or a five-star Jamaican resort. I cherish those moments in Europe just as I do the ones we shared in Yellowstone. Now we’ll add Jamaica to the list. Domestic travel and international walkabouts are complementary experiences. If you are a person who enjoys exploring our planet and its inhabitants, why limit yourself?

The world is a smörgåsbord – sample a little of everything!

Why? Because life should be a long long honeymoon… 🙂

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