QUESTION: Booze Ban?!

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Here in America, we like to toss around the word “freedom” a lot. We supposedly live in “the land of the free.”

In reality, we live in the land of the taxed and regulated — but that’s not such a catchy phrase.

Case in point: Maryland has BANNED ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION in state park campgrounds. No more frosty beer around the campfire. No more glass of wine with dinner. It may be five o’clock somewhere, but never in Maryland campgrounds.

There are a couple of exceptions. Apparently (and I am not making this up) groups can apply for a $35 permit to consume alcohol outside in a pavilion. If you have a motor home, you can cower inside with your beverage of choice; the booze gestapo stops at your door.

Sure, you may have served your country in Vietnam. Maybe you paid taxes for decades and retired after a productive career. But we can’t have you sipping a nice cabernet outside while watching the sunset, can we? No, not unless a government bureaucrat consents to sell you a $35 permit.

What’s the point of this ban? Every year, a few rude people drink too much, get noisy, and engage in boorish behavior. So instead of BANNING BOORISH BEHAVIOR, the government decided to punish everyone by banning alcohol entirely.

While we’re at it, why not ban kids? They’re noisy.

Pets? Bad for the environment.

Campfires? Too risky.

Swimming? Dangerous!

Maybe we should just go ahead and ban camping? The campgrounds would be much more quiet.


Personally, I think the Maryland alcohol consumption ban is absurd and is another example of regulatory puritanism. If loud boorish behavior is a problem, BAN THE MISBEHAVIOR — not the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages by grown adults.

In many other nations, this sort of government encroachment on individual liberty would be UNTHINKABLE. But here in America? We just sit back and take it.

In my opinion, grown adults should be allowed to act like adults in “the land of the free.”

That’s what I think. What do YOU think?

Should alcohol be BANNED in campgrounds?

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