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Why do we own an Air-Dryr device? Moisture is good for skin, barbecue, and chocolate cake; it’s hell on RVs. You really don’t want mold and mildew developing inside your RV. Unfortunately these toxic microorganisms grow on just about everything, including wood, tile, cardboard, wallpaper, carpet, fabric, insulation, and food. Mold and mildew thrive in moist environments.

Since we live in the Deep South, our Airstream spends much of its time in a humid environment. All sorts of nasty things happen to RV interiors when they are moist, from toxic mold & mildew to corrosion. This is especially true when the RV is in storage. The interior air is stagnant and contains a great deal of moisture. Left untreated, it’s like a steam sauna on wheels – an aluminum wrapped Petri dish.

Over time the impact of moisture deteriorates your stuff. But the most worrisome risk here may be mold and mildew. Mold and mildew cause all sorts of health problems, from respiratory issues to allergic skin irritation. Ever wonder why you developed that mysterious hacking cough and/or sneezing fit? Maybe it’s all those microorganisms you’re sucking into your lungs with every breath.

The Air-Dryr 500 model handles 500 cubic feet of interior space. This is appropriate for most RVs not owned by Leonardo Dicaprio.

The Air-Dryr 500 model handles 500 cubic feet of interior space. This is appropriate for most RVs not owned by Leonardo Dicaprio and Robert Dinero. (Click the pic for more info.)

We use an Air-Dryr device to keep the interior of our stored RV dry. It works great. A lot of people use these devices to keep boat interiors dry. Others use Air-Dryrs inside closets. We’ve been pleased with the job our Air-Dryr has done inside our Airstream. It works around the clock, and has kept the interior air dry during some periods of record rainfall.

We bought the Air-Dryr 1000, which is designed for up to 1000 cubic feet of living space. Frankly it’s a bit of overkill for the interior of our little Airstream. I’m thinking we may switch to an Air-Dryr 500 for the Airstream and move the 1000 model into the basement of our brick-and-mortar home.

Air Dryr GIF v2

Click the pic to get your own Air-Dryr.

I really like the simplicity of this product. Air-Dryr is a no maintenance deal. Unlike dehumidifiers, there are no hoses to connect, no storage tanks to empty. There’s not even an on/off switch! You simply place Air-Dryr in a damp, enclosed space and plug it into a 110/220 volt outlet. That’s it.

Air-Dryr uses about the same amount of electricity as a light bulb (the Air-Dryr 500 model draws 0.6 amps and 70 watts). It’s designed to operate anywhere you have electricity, 24 hours a day.

Air-Dryr seems to work like a little “hot plate,” one that simply warms air to a temperature above dew point. Damp air circulates into the Air-Dryr through natural convection (no fans). The air is heated and ‘dried’ above dew point, and then released through the top vents of the device.

Is the Air-Dryr 1000 model overkill for our diminutive Airstream interior? Probably, but this is 'Merica - we like overkill!

Is the Air-Dryr 1000 model overkill for our diminutive Airstream interior? Probably, but this is ‘Merica – we like overkill. (Click the pic for more overkill.)

Air-Dryr kicks out just a little heat, too (which might come in handy during cooler times of year). If you have a problem with cold drafty air, this may solve it. But it never gets hot enough to be any kind of hazard. It contains a thermal cutoff to prevent overheating.

Over the past year, Air-Dryr has proven its worth as an effective way to combat moisture and corrosion. It has kept the air inside our Airstream noticeably drier. Recommended!

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