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Let’s say you own an aging 6.0L diesel Ford F250.

If you do, you are probably familiar with “stiction,” the chronic condition that causes your truck’s engine to sound like a gigantic interstellar trash compactor.

When starting a Ford 6.0L on a cold morning (assuming it actually starts), you’re sure to command the attention of everyone within a 3-mile radius. Children will cry. Small animals will flee. Someone may dial 911.

Enter Archoil.

You add this friction modifier (AR6200 aka “magic juice”) with every oil change.

Unlike pretty much every other oil additive I’ve ever tried, this stuff actually works.

It works even better with AR9100 in the fuel tank.

After adding Archoil products, we’ve seen our MPG rise and our DPM (decibels per mile) fall. While nothing will ever turn our 6.0L diesel into a purring kitten, Archoil made for a dramatic improvement. We noticed the difference almost immediately. Within 50 miles of driving, our engine sounded like it had received a major tuneup.

If you own a 6.0L Ford F250, you owe it to yourself (and your neighbors) to give Archoil a try.

Note that you should really buy directly from the Archoil company on Amazon. I’ve heard rumor of fraudulent knockoffs products being sold as the real thing (a practice which absolutely disgusts me), so to be safe make sure you are buying from a reputable source.

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