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Recently we’ve been discussing our favorite anti-corrosion products for use with an RV.

In addition to Boeshield T-9, we sometimes use a product called CorrosionX.

CorrosionX was developed by a company in Dallas, Texas, for use by the military on metal gear from tools to tanks to guns. CorrosionX claims to be the only product available to the public that meets the US Navy’s tough corrosion prevention requirement.

Unlike ordinary oils and greases, molecules of CorrosionX stick to metal almost like a magnet. CorrosionX actually kills existing rust and corrosion (keeping it from spreading) and provides long-term protection on any metal surface.

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Do you carry guns in your RV? Swab a dirty gun bore with CorrosionX , and the product works its way through fouling to reach the metal, lifting dirt out of the metal for easy removal. If you leave a light coat of CorrosionX all over the weapon, it will prevent rust between uses.

Polar bonding is the key to the performance of CorrosionX. Due to polar bonding, CorrosionX causes common metals and alloys like iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze to chemically behave more like noble metals such as gold and platinum. The upshot is that when CorrosionX is present on metal, it can’t rust or corrode!

Our Airstream has been affected in spots by the dreaded ‘filiform corrosion,’ thin weblike veins in the aluminum skin. We have applied CorrosionX to stop the spread of the corrosion. So far it seems to be working well.

CorrosionX is available in the usual array of spray cans. Fun for the whole family!

CorrosionX is available in the usual array of spray cans. Fun for the whole family!

CorrosionX also has a dielectric characteristic. This means it’s safe on electronics. It shuts down electrolysis between dissimilar metals.

CorrosionX is easier on human health and the environment than many other products. The volatile organic content (“VOC”) of CorrosionX is only 4-7%. By comparison, WD-40 is 76% solvent!

Unlike Boeshield T-9, there’s no paraffin in CorrosionX, so you can apply CorrosionX wherever you want corrosion control without a wax coating. A light spray of CorrosionX on power heads, generators sets and engines a couple of times a year keeps them looking great, even in saltwater and coastal environments.

Polar bonding helps CorrosionX stick to metal like a magnet. We use it on our RV to prevent the spread of filiform corrosion.

Polar bonding helps CorrosionX stick to metal like a magnet. We use it on our Airstream to prevent the spread of filiform corrosion, a nasty condition that can spoil the appearance of aluminum.

Due to their constant exposure to weather and the elements, it’s important to protect RVs from corrosion. The lubricants in these products also help RV components function better. CorrosionX is a high quality product, and like Boeshield T-9 it makes sense to keep a can in your RV toolkit.

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