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The Dorcy “Green Lantern” power bank lantern is a useful multifunction camping gadget that addresses several needs in one tidy package.

It's a spotlight. And a lantern. And an emergency light. And a phone charger! (Click the pic for more info.)

It’s a spotlight. And lantern. And emergency flasher. And a battery pack! (Click the pic for more info.)


Every camper needs a lantern. (If that’s not the law, it probably should be.) Yes, with the press of the yellow button, there’s a nice area light functionality with the Green Lantern. The side white light glows at 100 lumens in high mode, and 50 lumens in low mode. This will be handy around any campsite. It’s the sort of light you’ll set on a picnic table during your evening meal.

But wait! There’s more…


On the opposite side of the Green Lantern‘s white area light there is a side warning light. Simply press the little red button and voila! A 20-piece flashing red LED light is illuminated. This is sure to come in handy during any unplanned roadside stop. If your vehicle is equipped with tires, you can expect to experience a few of these stops during your travels. It will happen, so you might as well be prepared for it.

But wait! There’s more…


Flipping the Green Lantern‘s rocker switch illuminates an incredible light canon spotlight. At the low setting this pumps out a generous 270 lumens of light, and at the high setting at reaches a spectacular 700 lumens. This is a genuine spotlight that’s powerful enough to impress just about anyone with eyeballs. It’s not only incredibly bright, it burns at a cool temperature thanks to the LED tech.

But wait! There’s more…

This isn't your father's camping lantern. The rear of the unit contains a USB port for charging your favorite portable electronics.  (Click the pic for more info.)

This isn’t your father’s camping lantern. The rear of the unit contains a USB port for charging your favorite portable electronics. (Click the pic for more info.)


Anyone who has ever gone boondocking knows how handy an extra device charging station can be. The rear of the Green Lantern includes a handy USB charging port. If your phone or tablet battery is dying, simply plug it up to the Dorcy lantern and receive a 5V/1.5A boost courtesy of the 4000mAh Lithium Ion battery inside. Yes, this thing even charges your phone.

Also on the back of the Green Lantern is a power display of 4 blue LED lights that offer accurate readings of how much power is left in the lantern.

Despite its size, the Dorcy Green Lantern is surprisingly lightweight, tipping our scales at 27.5 ounces. Construction is mostly of thick sturdy plastic. A handy shoulder strap is included in the package.

Suppose you need to use it outside in the rain? Well, it claims to be “water resistant,” although we’re not certain to what degree.


We don’t have many complaints with this cleverly designed unit. The size may be larger than some people want to carry in a space challenged rig, but it’s not really much larger than any typical camping lantern.

Our only criticism involves the rechargeable battery, which appears to be of the non-replaceable variety. Once the included battery dies, we’re not sure whether it can be replaced.We’d rather see manufacturers using replaceable batteries (D or AA) in this sort of unit, or at least offering some option for replacement once the battery eventually loses its ability to hold a charge. Otherwise the entire device is rendered disposable, which is a shame considering the wonderful functionality delivered here.

DISCLOSURE: The Dorcy company sent us this lantern for review. You can learn more about the Green Lantern at

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