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An organized Airstream is a happy Airstream. With this truth in mind, we are always seeking ways to better organize our little aluminum home on wheels. Products like Vaultz Mesh Storage Bags ( can help.

It’s a simple truth of RV travel: you never can have too much storage space. Products like Vaultz storage bags are useful in different ways. These are thoughtfully designed storage bags that hold small items like electronics, cables, and so forth. In theory, they help us maximize available storage space while also offering some unique organizational benefits.

Four Vaultz bags and a can of coke. (Sorry, all we had was diet!)

Four Vaultz bags and a can of coke. (Sorry, all we can offer you is diet!) Click the pic for more info.

Vaultz bags are color coded, with colors including yellow, red, and orange along with black. The color coding really helps distinguish between bags in an instant. This is very helpful to me. For example, I use the colorful bags inside a larger black camera case. The colors really “pop’ when set next to black (when you place black objects inside a black bag, you waste countless hours searching for stuff).

Each Vaultz bag has its own lanyard-style clip. This is useful for clipping the storage inside a larger bag or backpack. So far, so good.

Zippers are positioned in a diagonal pattern across the bag. I think the idea is that more stuff can be placed inside the bag if the zippers are arranged in this fashion. You may or may not like this feature. Overall I suppose it is a nice design touch, although it’s nothing revolutionary.

The bags are mesh. In theory, this means you can see the objects inside. In reality? The mesh holes are so small, objects inside are pretty much obfuscated. So this is a nice idea with mixed results.

The bags would benefit from some kind of label. A built-in dedicated labeling area would’ve been a nice feature. I suppose one could add label tags to the bags via the clip.

Vaultz storage bags can be a useful organizational tool IF you have an idea of how to use them.

Vaultz storage bags can be a useful organizational tool IF you have an idea of how to use them. (Click the pic for more info.)

These are not large bags. These are smallish bags meant for small objects like keys, batteries, toiletries, medicine bottles, computer cables, and so forth. I can fit certain small camera lenses inside ’em, too. The operative word here? Small. They are not meant to carry heavy objects.

Note that in the Vaultz four-pack of bags, each bag is a slightly different size.

Build quality is about what you’d expect for this kind of product, no more and no less. They are a little on the thin and flimsy side, yet I expect them to hold up for a long while. They are made in China, but what isn’t these days?

If you ever wander inside a local organizational store, you’ll find specialized storage bags such as these are usually far more expensive. In specialty stores, you might get one bag for the price of this four pack. These Vaultz bags are probably a good value from this perspective.

But the real key is whether you have a consistent use for the bags.

In other words, the color coding is a wonderful feature if you use it.

Overall I’m pleased with the value offered by the Vaultz bags. But I am still figuring out the best way to use ’em.

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