VIDEO: Sleeping Around … the USA, in an Airstream

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A week or so ago, I asked my Twitter friends for topic suggestions. Someone (yes, I’m referring to you JJohnston1975) suggested integrating “creature comforts” and the spa experience with RVing. Personally, I’ve been wanting to do a blog about sleep for a long time. So these two topics dovetail in this entry.

I’m a big believer in “spoiling” ourselves when we go Airstreaming. I mean, we’re already dealing with compromises in terms of living space and **ahem** plumbing. So why not add a little pampering to the equation? An extra pillow or blanket never hurt anyone. A dash of lavender linen spray can work wonders. And yes, you WILL find Grey Poupon in our fridge (right next to the cave-aged cheese and Trappist ale).

Someone out there will inevitably shout, “Hey, that’s not exactly roughing it!”

Indeed, it is not. We have a tent for roughing it.

Here’s Kristy in the pre-Airstream days on our first camping trip together, “roughing it” in Yellowstone National Park. We had a blast, even though things went predictably awry.

Someday I’ll video blog about our first camping experience — this was BEFORE we owned an Airstream. We were visiting Yellowstone National Park. Since the park hotels were booked full, we stopped at the Big K in Jackson Hole to do a little shopping. We bought a $40 tent, a couple of sleeping bags, and an inflatable mattress. So far, so good, right?

By midnight, the inflatable mattress had completely deflated. We were lying on the bare, rocky ground. The temperatures dropped into the low 40s. We got so cold that we formed an impromptu camping burrito, cramming our two bodies into a sleeping bag made for one person. Around 2AM a pack of wild coyotes was howling just steps outside our tent. We felt we were living out an old Hayley Mills movie, and the joke was on us. I guess we got about two hours of quality sleep. When we awoke, I’m pretty sure there was frost on my eyebrows.

So, yes, we know all about “roughing it.” Don’t get me wrong: we love tent camping. It has its place. But RV camping is different.

We have an Airstream for doing what Wally Byam suggested so long ago: taking the comforts of home (or even the spa) with us on the road. Airstreaming may be about simplifying, but it’s not about roughing. If I wanted to rough it I’d be outside lying on the ground. This is a distillation of the essentials, of exactly what we need, and little more.

Here I am “roughing it” on our first Airstream camping trip.

There’s nowhere this is more true than the bedroom. The most essential purpose of any shelter is to facilitate adequate rest. It’s a little known fact of American history that Patrick Henry originally said, “Give me SLEEP or give me death.” (He was misquoted as saying “liberty,” which is why we don’t have a Statue of Sleep. )*

What about those people who glibly advise, “You can sleep when you’re dead!” Don’t worry much about ’em; they’ll be the ones dying young due to lack of sleep.

With an RV, it goes beyond shelter from the elements – it’s about comfort and familiarity. If this is your home away from home, you better treat it as such. Bring on the creature comforts!

The view from our bedroom on our first Airstream camping trip.

Our strategy has been to treat the Airstream as a cocoon. Our bedroom is a small, cozy nest that’s filled with familiar comforts. As we discuss in the video, we’ve given consideration to every element of the sleeping experience: mattress, pillows, linens, light, sound, and even scent.

During our first RV camping trip, I guess we did get a little chilly on the beach at night. Then we went inside to our cozy Airstream cocoon, kicked on the heat furnace, and broke out the lavender spray.

So, after taking all of these steps…  why the heck can’t I get any sleep? 😉

*Okay, that bit about Patrick Henry was a blatant lie.

The most dramatic improvement we’ve made to our Airstream sleeping arrangements is a foam mattress topper for the bed. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR OWN FOAM MATTRESS TOPPER.

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