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I’ve been watching my weight lately.

In fact, I’ve been on a diet.

This means, sadly, a summer with no beer. For me, that’s like a soccer game with no ball. In the old days, I’d down a couple of 300-calorie pale ales before crawling out of bed.

I’ve switched adult beverages from beer to wine. Now I receive my daily mouse-sized serving of low cal wine from an eye-dropper. My wife just dribbles a few drops onto my tongue to go along with my evening rations. At least she tells me it’s wine. It’s probably just sugar free grape juice, or maybe just purple water.

Click the photo to join us around the Facebook campfire! We're roasting marshmallows and talkin' SMORES!

Click the photo to join us around the Facebook campfire! We're roasting marshmallows and talkin' SMORES!

In the old days, my “veggies” were breaded, deep fried, and often paired with “veggie based” condiments like tomato ketchup. (What do you mean, a tater tot isn’t a vegetable?)

Now my vegetables are green and steamed. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, they get misted with a hint of zero calorie fake butter spray. I can lose weight simply by looking at them.

Yes, I’ve made many culinary sacrifices in the pursuit of baggy clothes.

But there’s one camping food item that I will not give up.

You guessed it: S’MORES!

There’s something about that combination of graham crackers, chocolate, and roasted marshmallows that screams CAMPING to me.

As the legendary admiral Farragut (or was it Whatagut?) once said: “Damn the calories; full speed ahead!”

Sorry, health nuts. This ain’t no fruit salad.

When we camp, we like to make s’mores.

This is one dessert treat that’s loaded with carbohydrates, sugar, fat, and everything else the doctors tells us we can’t eat. No wonder they taste so good. (Of course, I only eat ’em for the antioxidants in the chocolate.)

What’s our secret to great s’mores? We often add a little PEANUT BUTTER to our s’mores. Hey, don’t knock it until you try it. It’s delicious!

What about YOU?

Do you like s’mores?

Do you have fond memories of gulping down these crunchy, sweet, messy treats by the campfire?

Do you have any special tips or recipes to share with the rest of us?

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