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Here on, we like to consider the plethora of ways in which people use their RVs. While the most obvious may be old fashioned campin’ in a campground, RVs (and especially Airstreams) tend to crop up in unusual places. We’ve seen Airstreams used as modern art, juice bars, BBQ joints, rooftop penthouse apartments, pool cabanas, and guest houses. We’ve “camped” outside football stadiums, on friends’ driveways, in boat marinas, at Las Vegas casinos, and in 453,000 different Walmart parking lots.

But what if we told you that one of the most enjoyable campgrounds in North America was also one of the noisiest? Check out Barber Motorsports Park, a $60 million facility located in our hometown of Birmingham, Alabama.

A few years ago, a local fellow named George Barber sold his family’s dairy business. Quite simply, he had enough coin in the bank to pursue his passions, and Mr. Barber had enjoyed a lifelong love of motorsport. So he chose to invest his own personal wealth in creating the largest nonprofit in the state of Alabama — a gorgeous state-of-the-art racing facility. He did it himself, and he did it right. Barber Motorsports Park is a European-style road racing course, with 17 turns and over 80 feet of elevation change. Mr. Barber gracefully carved a masterpiece out of the rugged Alabama terrain. He fashioned a scenic, challenging race course that’s built to the highest standards.

Sean and Kristy visit with the man who created the noisiest campground you’ll ever love.

Is there camping? You bet. There are two campgrounds. Both occupy long stretches of land that stretches around the apex of the park. Although the camping is of the dry variety, on a busy race weekend the Barber track accommodates RVs of every stripe. The typical race weekend stretches from Thursday to Sunday, so most of us will want to keep those RV showers on the brief side.

But what a view! The Barber park has been dubbed “the Augusta of race courses” due to its fantastic natural setting. Its on site Museum also houses Barber’s vintage motorcycle collection, one of the finest in the world.

I like to joke about the “noise.” But in truth, the frenetic hum of fine vehicles is music to the ears of any motorsports fan. Most racing activity stops at around five o’clock — just in time for relaxation by the RV.

If you ever find yourself in the vicinity, it’s well worth your time to visit. You can learn more about the Park at

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