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When we first embarked on our Long, Long Honeymoon adventures, we quite frankly had no clue what we were doing. Since we were newcomers to RV travel, there was much to learn. And I’m talking about more than electric jacks and sewer hoses. We were also learning about campground options, and where we might like to park that monster rig on a nightly basis.

The Trailer Life directory comes in handy if you spend a lot of time on the road.

The Trailer Life directory comes in handy if you spend a lot of time on the road.

There’s no shortage of places to camp in the good ole USA. Somewhere in between the National Parks and the Wal Mart parking lots are privately owned campgrounds. Before we owned a campground guide, we would just randomly choose campgrounds depending on where we felt like stopping for the night. The results ranged from great to … not so great. Private campgrounds are kind of like hotels; you have your four-star resorts, and you have your roach-infested hostels.

One day while browsing a Camping World store (I believe it was in Seattle), Kristy picked up a copy of the Trailer Life Directory. I was a little hesitant to shell out $25 for any book not written by Faulkner or Hemingway. But I relented, and I’m really glad we did. In fact, after traveling with the Trailer Life Directory, I daresay we would never go on a long term RV road trip without it. Considering our various RV lifestyle purchases, this one had a big “bang for the buck” impact on our travel.

The Directory is a massive tome that looks not dissimilar to a phone book. It’s jam-packed with two essential categories of information: campgrounds and reviews. LOTS of campgrounds and LOTS of reviews.

The Trailer Life Directory includes thousands of campgrounds, but it also spotlights Good Sam Parks. We really like camping at Good Sam Parks. As Good Sam Club members, we save 10% on the nightly camping fees at Good Sam Parks. But it’s not just a money thing. These are privately owned and operated campgrounds that have received the Good Sam Club seal of approval.

Why do we like these places more than other campgrounds? With Good Sam Parks, you usually get a good variety of amenities (hookups, wifi, etc.). These parks are also well maintained and clean. They also are more likely to feel like parks than corporate campgrounds.

On the first cross-country leg of the Long, Long Honeymoon we traveled about 15,000 miles. For the latter half of that number, we had the Trailer Life Directory on board. I noticed an immediate impact on the quality of our travel. Not only were we staying in generally better campgrounds, we were also removing the “drama” of not knowing where to stay.

It’s a cinch to open the Directory, find a well reviewed campground in the community of your choosing, and then call to book a same-day reservation. For the way we tend to travel (making many last minute decisions as we meander from point A to point B) the Trailer Life Directory is brilliantly useful.

If you only plan to camp for a couple of weeks a year, you probably don’t need this massive tome on American campgrounds. But if you plan to hit the road for an extended journey, this book will come in very handy. This is one of those purchases that’s sort of a “no brainer” if you plan to do any serious road tripping with your RV.

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