The Best RV Door Mat?

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When outfitting our RV rig, not even the humble door mat escapes our attention. Yes, I said door mat – after much diligent research, we have discovered the latest and greatest in door mat technology.

Our door mat is the famous/infamous Clean Step Mat ( that claims superior mud and water trapping abilities. It’s an absorbent door mat that’s designed to quickly clean dirty feet (and/or soggy paws).

Here's our Clean Step doormat (and my Merrill JungleMoc shoes) inside our Airstream. (Click the pic for more info.)

Here’s our Clean Step doormat (and my Merrill JungleMoc shoes) inside our Airstream. (Click the pic for more info.)

Let’s face it: RV camping tends to bring the great outdoors inside – onto our floors. Since we frequently go back and forth, inside and outside, it’s all too easy to traipse mud and dirt into our living space. This is especially true on a rainy day, or in certain rural campsites. A quality door mat can be the difference between clean floors and a mess.

This Clean Step Mat is the original “as seen on TV” product of infomercial infamy. (Why do I feel A SUDDEN URGE TO SHOUT LIKE BILLY MAYS?)

The so-called “secret” of this door mat is that it uses absorbent microfibers as a material. These microfibers supposedly retain mud and water much better than the average door mat material.


It may look like ordinary carpet, but IT’S ACTUALLY A HIGHLY ADVANCED RUG OF SUPER ABSORBENT MICROFIBERS THAT SOAK UP DIRT LIKE MAGIC!!!! There I go, aping Billy Mays again. (Click the pic for more info.)

The backing is a thin no slip rubber material that keeps the mat anchored by our Airstream door. We use this mat inside our Airstream, not outside on the ground.

The Clean Step Mat is a low profile door mat. The idea is that doors can pass over the mat. While this isn’t an issue in our Airstream (since our door swings in the opposite direction), I like that our entrance is not dominated by some thick and bulky doormat.

The standard size of the Clean Step Mat is small as door mats go – it’s 18” x 28”. This is actually makes it perfect for an RV (for our RV, anyway). The mat is exactly what we need, and nothing more.

Note that for best results, the Clean Step Mat must be washed and dried before use. Apply some common sense here. If you machine wash your mat, be certain to use cold water (no detergent) and gentle cycle. You should also air or line dry the mat instead of putting it through a rough-and-tumble machine dry cycle.

Proof's in the puddin' folks - clean floors, woo hoo! (Click the pic for more info.)

Proof’s in the puddin’ folks – clean floors, woo hoo! (Click the pic for more info.)

Our informal house rule is to remove our shoes at the door. But it seems there’s always a quick trip back inside the RV to grab something. Inevitably, we always end up walking onto our floor with shoes. The Clean Step Mat helps us keep our interior just a little cleaner. It may not be magic, but it seems to work well.

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