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When you go RV camping, you need to pack light – literally. I’m talking about actual light. You better pack plenty of flashlights because most campsites are dark after sundown, and the tasks don’t end just because the sun called it quits. That’s why we own headlamps. They have proven to be incredibly useful around our Airstream.

A headlamp looks like something best suited for a coal miner or an engine mechanic. But every RV camper and outdoor adventurer needs at least one headlamp too. Even a cheap one will do. Why?

When you RV camp, you often find yourself going outside at night to address some issue.

Maybe you need to retrieve an item from your outside storage compartment.

Maybe your generator needs fuel.

Maybe you need to empty your water tanks.

Maybe you need to hitch your rig.

Maybe a grizzly bear is biting your picnic table (err, in that case I suggest you stay inside).

Whatever the circumstance, having TWO HANDS available is a huge bonus. A headlamp can be the difference between getting a job done quickly and easily, or not. If one hand is occupied by your flashlight, you will end up fumbling through whatever task is at hand.

A headlamp gives you enough light for doing work, right where you need it, in a hands free fashion. Genius!

I bought my first headlamp on a whim, not know whether it would prove useful. I quickly found myself using the thing on a nightly basis.

Headlamps range in price from the dirt cheap “Made in China” plasticky style to fancy high tech jobs. Mine are the dirt cheap style. Even these cheap headlamps are now LED light, which remains cool to the touch and goes easy on the batteries. Mine has three modes: low light, high light, and flashing strobe light.

The more expensive headlamps offer more durable build quality. They also may include additional features like red light (red light does not cause human pupils to contract, so it’s handy when viewing the nighttime sky). They may boast more lumens (brighter light), are dimmable, and offer longer battery life. Some are even waterproof.

At the moment I’m pleased with my “dirt cheap made in China” headlamps, although these things are proving so useful I’ll probably pony up for a nice model soon.

If you are RV camping, get a headlamp – you won’t regret it, but you may regret not having one.

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