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If you want to RV camp in Argentina, the most obvious method is to fly into the country and rent an RV. So that’s what we did. Our rental company of choice was Ruta|Sur (the name’s Spanish for “Road South”).

We discovered Ruta|Sur the same way anyone else might: we Googled ’em. Or more specifically, we Googled “RV camping in Argentina” and bingo! There was Ruta|Sur near the top of the page.

I was pleased to discover the company website offered an ENGLISH presentation. Being able to actually read and understand information is a big plus! Encouraged, I completed a simple online form on, clicked “send,” and went on about my business.

The next day, my telephone rang. I glanced down at the Caller ID screen on my phone. It read “OUT OF AREA.”

Little did I realize just how far “out of my area” this phone call originated. That’s right — it was Ruta|Sur on the line! Or to be more specific, it was a man named Oscar Martinez.

“Hello,” said an Argentinian voice. “This is Oscar calling from Ruta|Sur in Buenos Aires. I am calling to discuss a motor home rental. You sent the form from our website…”

I was impressed. Not only was there a quick follow up to my inquiry, but it came via telephone — and from a man speaking excellent English!

So Oscar and I discussed RV camping in Argentina. We made arrangements to meet in Buenos Aires.

Upon arriving in Argentina, Kristy and I met with the Ruta|Sur folks on multiple occasions. I feel we got a good impression of the company, and of the RV business in Argentina.

Something Americans must understand is that RV camping is a young business in Argentina. The entire industry is only about 10 years old! So you can expect a few rough spots as it grows and develops.

Ruta|Sur itself was founded in 2005, and the company is blazing a new trail. Business is going well. In less than five years the company has grown from a single RV to a fleet of 20. The RVs themselves have grown in size and complexity also.

There are no RV dealerships in Argentina, so the rigs are purchased from small independent manufacturers. I’ll write more about the RV options in the next episode, but suffice to say that the motorhomes are much smaller than what we typically use in the States. This is not a criticism; it’s just a fact. The modest 25-foot Airstream which Kristy and I call our “home on wheels” would be a mansion RV in Argentina! So if you are planning an RV trip in Argentina, just be prepared for a unique experience.

With regard to Ruta|Sur itself, we found a company in strong health and good spirits. These guys are legit, and they delivered on every promise.

Ruta|Sur actually goes far beyond most ordinary rental companies in terms of services provided to clients. They don’t just hand you an RV and set you loose in Argentina with no support. They help you plan your journey (with advice on the best itineraries), and offer crucial support services. For example, you can rent an optional local cellphone with which you can take advantage of Ruta|Sur‘s 24-hour support line. If you are traveling in a group caravan, Ruta|Sur may even provide you with a traveling mechanic!

The majority of Ruta|Sur‘s customers are European. We can debate the reasons. Personally, I think for most North American travelers, an RV visit to Argentina falls squarely in the “adventure” category. Yes, it’s definitely a step outside the norm (and you’ll have to venture outside a couple of comfort zones), but I can see it being a rewarding one.

In fact, we spoke with a German gentleman who had just returned from a 2-month journey throughout Argentina in a Ruta|Sur RV. He raved about the experience! (More on this fellow in our next episode.)

As for Ruta|Sur, I can only report a positive experience with the company. They strike me as a close knit, hardworking group, and they are focused on keeping clients happy.

My primary contact, Oscar, is a wisecracking Argentine native with a love of barbecue and Creedence Clearwater Revival. He is a fun character and I genuinely hope we get the opportunity to spend more time together someday. Who knows… perhaps Kristy and I will return to Argentina again, and invest some quality time exploring the country.

In PART 3 of this special series, we’ll see what happens when we go camping in a Ruta|Sur RV!

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