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In a recent blog post, we discussed our mysterious tire wear. One of our tires has been rapidly wearing on the inside, in a pattern suspiciously reminiscent of crop circles. What was causing this strange phenomenon?

A number of theories were offered, including bad tires, bent rims, warped axles, and space aliens. Well, we’ve hauled our RV across the desert to a group of trailer axle experts, and today we report on what we found.

If you guessed that we had an AXLE problem — you get a gold star! The axle was indeed bent out of alignment. Apparently last year’s wheel-meet-curb incident did more than pop our tire like a paper bag. It also put a severe dent in my bank account.

This leads me to my expert tip of the day: Whenever possible, avoid steering your RV into curbs.

In today’s blog video (Axle Woes, for all of you hair band rock-and-rollers) you’ll see the humiliating examination to which poor Liv, our travel trailer, was subjected. They backed her up onto a platform, broke out some measuring tape, poked and prodded, and finally rendered the diagnosis. The repair job was somewhat labor intensive (CHA-CHING!) since the guys had to drop the fresh water tank to access the axle. While we had the wheels off the ground, we decided to toss on some fresh rubber. We pulled out of the repair shop with a straight axle, some new shoes, and a significantly lighter wallet.

Lessons learned? Other than the obvious (please see above tip regarding curbs and RVs), this episode demonstrates the depth of incredible RV information and community on Take it from me: if you ever have an RV problem, that website is the place to go. A big THANK YOU to everyone who posted comments!

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