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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Inherent in this time honored wisdom (originally uttered by English jurist Henry de Bracton some 800 years ago) is the notion that smart folks spend a little money to avoid spending a lot of money. As applied to RVs: it’s cheaper to properly maintain your equipment than to replace it. Of course, it may not feel that way when you’re shelling out mucho dinero for mundane maintenance purchases. But you are best advised to find pleasure in maintenance. The old cliche about “pride of ownership” rings true. Take good care of your rig, and hopefully it will take good care of you.

Judge Bracton’s centuries-old advice crossed my mind when considering Boeshield T-9, an advanced lubricant developed by the Boeing Company. Boeshield was originally created by Boeing engineers for the purpose of aircraft maintenance. When you consider the environmental extremes to which aircraft are subjected, you know this stuff should be good. It promises both corrosion protection and waterproof lubrication. One fateful day, someone at Boeing had an epiphany. “This stuff works well on airplanes. Why not spray it on something else?”

Lo and behold, Boeshield T-9 was born and sold to the public. Now folks are spraying the product on anything and everything that’s exposed to the elements and subject to corrosion. Boeshield T-9 is used on cars, motorcycles, bicycles, tools, guns, and (you guessed it) RVs. It’s brilliant at keeping all of your metal bits in nice condition.

Open a can of whoop ass on corrosion!

Open a can of whoop ass on corrosion!

I discovered Boeshield several years ago when Boeing sent me a can of the product to review. In the years since, we have been using Boeshield on our Airstream on an ongoing basis. It rocks. I daresay it’s better than WD-40 (and that’s saying something). It’s one of those products that is surprisingly useful around an RV. I guess the most powerful testimony you can find on Boeshield comes from the reviews of people who have tried it. Pretty much everyone raves about the product.

We’ve sprayed it all over our Airstream – on everything from the hitch assembly, to the doors, to our step, to our key locks, to the stabilizer jacks, to the awning arms, to assorted hinges. If it’s metal, it will probably benefit from a dose of Boeshield T-9. We’ve seen some remarkable results from using Boeshield. The lubrication is waterproof and long lasting. It seems to stop corrosion. Sometimes it works wonders on a stuck or malfunctioning metal apparatus.

Squeaky hinge? Boeshield.

Stiff awning arm? Boeshield.

Creaky step? Boeshield.

Rough door lock? Boeshield.

You get the idea.

It’s kind of like WD-40, but it lasts a lot longer.

Boeshield T-9 is a little different from most over-the-counter lubricants in that it dries to a thin waxy finish. This leaves the protection and lubrication in place for several months. If you think about the original goal of its development – the care and maintenance of aircraft – it’s no wonder that Boeshield is a cut above the norm. Airplanes are subjected to environmental extremes, from scorching heat on the tarmac to freezing high altitude cold. It’s a bummer when wing flaps get all corroded and stuck. No one likes rusty landing gear on their plane. So aircraft maintenance crews apply liberal doses of this stuff, as it tends to help prevent planes from falling apart.

Boeshield T-9 is available in drip, aerosol spray, or bulk applications. Don’t tell Al Gore, but we use the spray cans. It’s safe to spray on plastics and vinyl, so you don’t need to be overly precise about its application. We have used the 12-ounce aerosol can (which, according to my math and the old judge’s formula, is worth a whopping 12 pounds of cure). I have more than one can, and always keep one in our truck and in the RV.

On our Airstream, the steel “scissor jacks” that stabilize the rig are particularly subject to rust. With every camping season, they are subject to increased corrosion. Without lubrication, they emit an annoying sound not unlike a pack of screaming, rabid dingoes. They also fight any attempt to extend or retract. After a quality dose of Boeshield, however, the jacks loosen and begin moving more smoothly than a winning waltz on Dancing with the Stars. As time has passed, we’ve applied several “ounces of prevention” to these parts on an ongoing basis.

Does it help? It doesn’t hurt! After using this product for years, I can confidently vouch for its effectiveness. Boeshield T-9 is quality stuff – a long-lasting lubricant and corrosion inhibitor that’s a cut above what you might typically find in stores.

Quite simply, if you own an RV, it makes sense to keep a can of this stuff around.

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