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Kristy and I appeared on HGTV’s “RV 2009” show. During the filming of “RV 2009,” a TV crew followed us as we toured “America’s Largest RV Show” in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The premise of the show had us shopping for a larger RV. Unfortunately, we had no Airstreams to tour at the Hershey event. If they’d had a 30-foot Classic, you know what we would have chosen.

So if you ever see this show on HGTV, check it out, and look for us in the mix. We’ve been told that a couple million people will see this TV show, so hopefully YOU will be among that number.


Amongst the general public, RVs have something of a mixed image. Some people just don’t appreciate the difference between a motor home and a mobile home. To the uninformed, there’s a thin line between a campground and a trailer park. But walk onto any Hollywood back lot, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by RVs.

Los Angeles is replete with “Star Waggons,” travel trailers that are used on location as temporary living and working quarters for actors and crew. The world’s most publicized and glamorized celebrities spend a great deal of their working time aboard RVs. And many of these folks have taken the RV lifestyle along with them after departing the movie set.

In the Airstream community, A-list celebs like Matthew McConaughey (aka Ol’ Washboard Abs) and Pamela Anderson have helped to make the classic aluminum trailers hip and current. Heck, People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive lived full time for years in his trailer, which was parked alongside a Malibu beach.

We’ve toured the Marathon Coach factory in Oregon that builds $2 million Prevost bus conversions for people like Tom Cruise. It’s said that Will Smith, Sly Stallone, and Robert De Niro have built extraordinarily plush RVs, customized to their tastes. De Niro’s coach reportedly is three stories tall and has a dozen TV sets. (Elvis would approve.)

Those of us who have fully explored the RV lifestyle understand that there’s literally no limit to how nice these things can be. For many of us, the RV lifestyle combines the best of both worlds — the comforts of home are paired with the enjoyment of travel. You don’t need to be a celebrity to live the life.

When we bought our first RV, we had no idea where we’d take it. Or rather, we had no idea where our cozy little Airstream would take us. So far, we’ve gone from from our driveway to Hollywood to HGTV, as we participated in the filming of that network’s “RV 2009” show.

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