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As a general rule, our “Long Long Honeymoon” is a lighthearted show. We focus more upon the fun stuff than the alternative. I figure there’s enough bad news in the world. Why add to it?

With that said, our recent visit to Washington D.C. and Philadelphia put me in a contemplative mood. It’s impossible to visit these areas and not consider our historical origins. We think about how the United States of America got started… and where we’re all headed.

I will go on the record: our “founding fathers” were a collective bunch of philosophical super geniuses (and not of the Wile. E. Coyote kind). What they created in terms of a self-governing democracy was unprecedented. Any way you look at it, the American experiment has been an overwhelming success.

But we also live in a world where (with apologies to Bob Dylan) the times they have a’changed. And I’m not simply referring to recent change, but rather to changes that have happened over time. The White House is no longer easily accessible to the public (at least not without plowing through miles of red tape with a Senator). Instead it sits barricaded behind unsightly concrete walls and iron fences. Going museum hopping? You’ve gotta walk thorough metal detectors and security checkpoints just to peek at Archie Bunker’s chair.

Not unlike Kirstie Alley, all organizations tend to grow. Our government is no exception. We’re “free” — so long as we continually pay our numerous federal, state, and local taxes. Total it all up and it’s safe to say over half of your annual labor goes to fund the government. Oh yeah, and if you are hauling an RV anywhere in the D.C./Philadelphia area, you better have that TOLL money ready. It cost us $39 in toll taxes to tow our two-axle RV from Washington D.C. to Philadelphia. On one occasion, a $5 toll became a $23 toll simply because we were towing an RV. Now, I can understand paying a little more, even double — but MORE THAN QUADRUPLE? Ouch.

Tolls aside, we had a wonderful time visting these areas. In addition to learning all about Abe Lincoln, we learned how to use Mapquest to avoid toll roads. So, it was a “win-win.” Keep the faith, folks! 😀

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