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Back before we bought our Airstream and departed on our Long Long Honeymoon, Kristy and I were kicking around the idea of doing a travel show. This is a little rough around the edges. It was shot on a shoestring budget before we really knew what we were doing. Nevertheless, there’s some fun to be had here.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re towing your Airstream over the next horizon or hopping on a plane across the ocean; the driving ambition is the same. Indeed, the founder of Airstream Wally Byam solidified his legend by taking the aluminum pods to Africa, Europe, Asia, and Central America.

So for these videos we dreamed up something called Walkabout Club. The basic idea was a comedy travel show, combining exotic lands with dry and slightly ridiculous humor. Our host, a not-so-knowledgable blueblood buffoon named Clifton Hillary III claims to be a distant relative of the late Sir Edmund Hillary. He also — for no apparent reason — wears a pith helmet.

We didn’t have an Airstream at the time, so we weren’t camping. But it’s the same basic deal. If you are curious about the roots of our online video adventures, I hope you enjoy this video. Although I’ve carved it up into bite size pieces for you, it still clocks in a LOT longer than our average fare. Kudos to those who finish it! 😉

Since visiting Guatemala, we’ve enjoyed adventures in Argentina, Uruguay, Jamaica, and a bevy of European countries. In the future, I foresee us taking Long Long Honeymoon back overseas. I don’t really care whether we’re Airstreaming or tent camping or staying in posh hotels — so long as we’re traveling, having fun, learning, and sharing the experience with others.

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