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One of our ongoing missions here at is to document the RV ownership experience. After all, many of our readers and video watchers are researching RV purchases when they discover (and immediately bookmark, right?) this site.

This leads us to cover a few topics beyond the usual. Sure, it’s fun to capture photos of our rig on a beautiful beach, or in the shadow of grandiose mountains. But there are other, less glamorous, facets of the RV lifestyle…

We’ve considered laundrymats. We’ve considered packing. So why not take a moment to consider spring cleaning?

Unlike our “snowbird” friends from the great white north, we tend to use our RV more heavily in the spring and summer. Since she sees less use during the colder months, a layer of dirt, dust, and pollen gradually cakes the exterior. The interior, too, grows a little stale. Airstreams clean up pretty painlessly, but it’s a job that needs to be done.

An RV is kind of like an apartment or condo or house. Over time, you accumulate CLUTTER in every nook and cranny. This spring we made a special effort to remove clutter and unused items from our Airstream. We had a huge stack of old magazines, books, plastic cups, etc. I found stuff that we bought in Key West. We’d been hauling it around for two years! I emptied the kitchen drawer and not only eliminated a bunch of junk, I also scored about 10 bucks in spare change.

If you haven’t owned an RV, you must understand that storage space is available in extremely limited quantities. Part of the ongoing ownership process is paring down the excess. Items that are not being used are consuming precious storage space. Plus, they add weight which makes your rig more difficult to tow.

What about engine maintenance? One of the upsides of a towable RV is that there’s no motor to maintain, right? True enough, but we still have a couple of motors demanding our attention.

Our “smurfy blue” Yamaha generator supplies us with power on all those boondocking (dry camping) excursions. These generators are expensive — they cost about $2k — so it makes sense to keep ’em happy with fresh oil. It’s easy to neglect your generator, but I hereby pledge to take better care of the little guy.

And speaking of expensive, there’s the BIG engine to consider. Our diesel engine requires the most maintenance of the bunch. An oil change in SEEMORE costs about $100 (since the engine requires about 15 quarts of oil). Fuel and air filters aren’t cheap, either. But I’d rather pay for maintenance than pay for repairs.

So that’s our spring cleaning list. It’s isn’t glamorous, but it’s gotta be done.

As you’ll see in the video, we added one final item to the list: a new logo for our rear window! By popular demand, we’ll be printing this logo on t-shirts, too.

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