VIDEO: The Secret to Backing Up an RV

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One of the most intimidating tasks awaiting any new towable RV owner is backing into a campsite. The process is counter-intuitive. When traveling in reverse, you’ll find that the trailer responds to steering inputs in a fashion that’s completely opposite to what you expect. Sometimes back-in campsites can be narrow, and require the type of precision usually reserved for LASIK eye surgeons.

But we’ve learned a few techniques over the years. Here’s one of the best. If you perform this maneuver we call “the scoop” (TM) you’ll find that back in campsites are really nothing to worry about. Armed with this knowledge, you will tackle back in campsites without fear!

Note that the degree of angle of “the scoop” (TM) represented in the video is a bit exaggerated for emphasis. You just want to scoop the tip of your rig into the campsite, and then scoop it back out. This little wiggle gives you the angle adjustment you need.

Of course, there’s more to backing up a travel trailer than doing “the scoop” (TM). But I think you will discover that this little tip can be INVALUABLE when you’re faced with a “back in” campsite.

Before I knew about “the scoop” (TM) we suffered more than a few nasty episodes. One of the most extreme was at Walt Disney World’s Ft. Wilderness. After about 30 minutes of frustration, we finally called the front desk and requested a different campsite. I was ready to label Disney the Most Frustrating Place on Earth.

But since we learned “the scoop” (TM) our problems with backing up the Airstream melted away. Now I feel confident that I can back our Airstream into a shoebox, if necessary.

The key upside of doing “the scoop” (TM) is that your angle of entry is improved. It gives you that extra few degrees of movement that you need to slip into the campsite.

Of course, as always you must proceed slowly. Whatever you do, don’t get in a hurry. If you’re gonna screw up, you want to do so in slow motion. If you back slowly and carefully, it’s easy enough to make small corrections as you go.

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