VIDEO: Unboxing a Nikon D7000

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“Hey dude, what kind of camera do you use?”

I get this question from time to time. The honest answer is that I use more than one camera. You need different tools for different jobs. My cameras range from the point-and-shoot Panasonic TS1, to the ultra compact GoPro HD, to the Panasonic TM700 camcorder, to the five pounds of Cinealta goodness Sony EX1. And let’s not forget the humble iPhone 4, which is equipped with an excellent still camera along with not-too-shabby HD video capability.

Having an expensive camera doesn’t guarantee nice photos or video. I’ve taken crap photos with pricey cameras; I’ve taken fantastic photos with el cheapo cameras.

I took one of my all-time favorite nature photos with my iPhone! You just never know.

Snapped on my iPhone in North Dakota. Image has been reduced in size, but is otherwise completely unedited.

But with that said, we carry around a digital SLR. There are some things that SLRs just do better than point-and-shoot cameras. They have bigger sensors that capture more light. They are capable to rapid fire shooting. And the ability to swap lenses comes in very handy; it’s a lot easier and safer to view bears and bison through a 300mm telephoto lens. In recent years, SLRs have evolved to become hybrid cameras, capable of shooting high quality video along with spectacular photos. The video capability appeals to filmmaker geeks like me.

With respect to traditional SLR cameras, it’s mostly a Nikon and Canon world. (Although Sony and Panasonic are making inroads.) Although I’m brand agnostic, with SLRs I’m a Nikon guy. This is mainly because I already have a stack of Nikon lenses. Once you buy a boatload of glass, it doesn’t make much sense to switch brands. As those of you who follow my Twitter shenanigans know, I recently acquired a Nikon D7000 for use here on the website.

Wanna see it taken out of the box? Your wish is my command.

Unboxing videos are quite popular on YouTube. They are of special interest, obviously, to people shopping for products. There’s something reassuring about actually seeing what’s inside the box!

I guess these unboxing videos are also fun for anyone wanting to live vicariously. Hmm, this is a great way for RV owners to participate in our consumer culture without cluttering up the place; just watch the videos, and save your money and storage space!

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