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Pressure washing — an addictive activity?

It’s definitely dangerous, as you see in the video.

But in addition to splitting human skin, will it split aluminum seams?

Overall, my approach is moderation in all things, including moderation. We have owned our Airstream for several years, and this is the first time we’ve chosen to pressure wash. The results have been remarkable. Once you see layers of filth being whisked away, it’s hard to hold back.

Of course we won’t pressure wash often. But WOW– when we do, our Airstream looks new again.

We have a big boy gasoline powered Karcher pressure washer. We’ve owned it for many years. It’s not the kind of tool that we use daily, but nevertheless it has been extremely useful.

If you are simply wanting to wash your rig, you could always opt for a less powerful electric pressure washer. Overall I prefer the freedom and power of the gas model, but the electric is much less expensive and does a fine job too. If you are simply wanting to knock some dirt off, it may make sense to get something along those lines. The less powerful models are probably a little safer too.

I can’t really overemphasize the danger associated with pressure washing. My injury occurred when I was wriggling around on our Airstream’s roof. The pressure wand kicked and whisked across my foot. In a flash, I was gifted with a nasty wound. Pressure wash wounds are often more severe than simple cuts — this is because water (and potentially other substances like soap) are INJECTED into the human body. This can lead to INFECTION and all sorts of unpleasant consequences.

Got kids? GUARD THE PRESSURE WASHER. It’s more of a deadly weapon than a toy. Yes, pressure washer wounds can be FATAL.

If you DO decide to pressure wash, here are some pressure washing tips direct from our friends at Airstream Service.

*Use a pressure washer with a PSI rating of no more than 1800 and a 40-degree nozzle.

* Keep the wand at least four feet from the trailer at all times.

* Always be cautious around graphics, seals, and decals.

* Don’t forget the undercarriage.

* Do not use a ladder since the back kick of the pressure washer could knock you off.

* NEVER point the pressure washer at another person!

* Do NOT pressure wash your foot.

Okay, that last tip is from me, not Airstream Service.

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