Virgin Galactic “Cosmic Camping”

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April 1

The Virgin Galactic corporation today announced a unique joint venture with Airstream designed to bolster the fledgling space tourism industry.

The two companies will partner to offer “Cosmic Camping” ™ to intrepid and well-heeled adventurers.

Virgin Galactic founder and CEO Richard Branson at the announcement of his company's "Cosmic Camping" initiative.

Virgin Galactic founder and CEO Richard Branson at the announcement of his company’s “Cosmic Camping” initiative.

“Since the glory days of the Apollo program, Airstream has enjoyed a historical association with space exploration,” Virgin Galactic CEO Richard Branson said. “With Virgin Galactic already promising brief visits to outer space, it makes sense to offer our guests an overnight stay.”

The Virgin Galactic “Cosmic Caravan” ™ will be a grouping of five specially modified Airstream trailers positioned in an orientation of low altitude orbit over Earth.


The Virgin Galactic low Earth orbit “Cosmic Campground” of specially modified Airstream trailers is expected to launch in 2017, with overnight stays priced in the “low six figures.”

Each airtight trailer will offer spectacular views of Earth thanks to specially designed wraparound windows and portholes.

Pantries will be stocked with freeze-dried camping staples like hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, smores, and regional favorites. “You haven’t lived until you’ve had freeze-dried pig’s feet,” Branson said.

Black and grey (dirty) water will simply be ejected into space, where it will immediately crystallize. “The universe is my dump station,” Branson laughed.

Pricing is not yet confirmed, but is expected to be in the low seven figures per night. (AAA and Diners Club members may receive “up to” 10% off, subject to availability.)

Richard Branson relaxes inside the prototype Virgin Galatic "Cosmic Caravan" space trailer module.

Entrepreneur Richard Branson relaxes inside the prototype Virgin Galactic “Cosmic Caravan” space trailer module.

Despite the lofty price, celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey, Tom Hanks, and Ashton Kutcher have already signed up for a round of Cosmic Camping. “We may do the world a favor and just leave Ashton up there,” Branson said.

The five-trailer caravan is expected to be placed into orbit by 2017, with the first overnight stays beginning shortly thereafter.

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