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Some of the most useful communication tools that we carry are our “walkie-talkies” (also known as two-way radios). Every RV camper should have a pair of these devices. We store ours inside our truck’s glovebox, so they are always within quick reach.

Our units are older models with a shorter range and few features. We’re currently recommending the Midland LTX600VP3, which boasts a 26-mile range and (more importantly for RV campers) a built-in weather radio with NOAA weather alert. So with the Midland unit, you get two-in-one functionality.

midland LTX

With these Midland walkie-talkies, you get superior communication plus a built-in NOAA weather radio! (Click the pic for more info.)

Why carry walkie-talkies? RV camping is all about communication. Whether you are traveling with a spouse, friends, or family, it’s imperative that you maintain smooth flowing lines of communication at all times. This is especially true whenever you are trying to perform some maneuver with your RV like back it into a campsite. Loose lips may sink ships, but closed lips crash campers.

What about smartphones? Sure, we also carry smartphones. But walkie-talkies work better for certain applications, situations, and locations (not to mention alliterations).

We ALWAYS use walkie-talkies when backing up our rig. They work better than smartphones.

We ALWAYS use walkie-talkies when backing up our rig. They work better than smartphones. (Click the pic for more info.)

We use walkie-talkies, for example, anytime we are backing our rig into a campsite. They work better than smartphones for this purpose. In close range situations, the walkie-talkie signal is always clear, strong, and immediate. The walkie-talkie is simply faster and more reliable than a smartphone.

Walkie-talkies provide instant reliable communication. This is a contrast with smartphones, which require dialing the other person, establishing a viable connection, fiddling around with a hands free kit, and then hoping that the signal doesn’t drop. With a smartphone there’s too much hassle, lag and uncertainty.

Walkie-talkies - for superior yappin' abilities. (Click the pic for more info.)

Walkie-talkies – for superior yappin’ abilities. (Click the pic for more info.)

With walkie-talkies, you don’t need to worry about coverage areas. We do a substantial amount of RV camping in parts of North America with spotty or nonexistent cellular coverage. We also occasionally invade Canada, where our smartphones are rendered as impotent as a Viagra commercial reject. In such places where smartphones fear to tread, walkie-talkies are especially handy.

In addition to outdoor hikes, we’ve been known to carry walkie-talkies inside vast indoor commercial spaces – like Walmarts. They are a clever means to determine where exactly in the hardware department that one’s spouse has wandered.

The current generation of walkie-talkies has an impressive 20+ mile range. (Take those range claims with a grain of salt, however.) This makes them a viable alternative to smartphones in many situations.

Walkie-talkies were originally developed by the military during World War II. They were useful saving the world, and they’re still useful in saving your bacon. Get a pair, and use ’em every time you are backing up your rig.

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